Bonnie Clyde - The Story

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The concept
Bonnie and Clyde modern abstract painting – the concept
The Two Hotels
Clyde Athens by Nin&Bau
Clyde Athens
The Clyde Athens boutique hotel, named after the mythical Clyde Barrow - a young and lively character who stirred the imagination of millions - is located in Athen’s most lively and youthful neighborhood – Psirri, and the supreme service it offers will inspire and elevate your vacation to the highest level.
Bonnie Athens by Nin&Bau
Bonnie Athens
The Bonnie Athens boutique hotel, named after the legendary Bonnie Parker – Clyde’s bold, daring and adventurous young lover – is located just across from Clyde Athens. The hotel’s impeccable hospitality and the animated neighborhood ensure a stay that would delight Bonnie Parker herself.
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